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The Prato Adventure: An Unofficial Guide

I applied just before exams. Forgot about it in the midst of studying and then resumed worrying about whether I got in after my exams.

On the 10th of Dec, I receive this.

Dear student,

Congratulations! You are eligible and have been offered a place in the Prato Program 2014.

If you receive this email but have changed your mind about attending the Prato program please email me ASAP so your place may be given to another student.

If you still wish to enrol in the program, a further email will be sent to your Monash email account by 20 December 2013 with further instructions.

This is a very complex process and I ask that you refrain from emailing me, at this stage, unless you wish to withdraw from the program. Please wait for the next email.

Kind regards

After the squealing and the “I can’t believe this is happening.”, a seemingly insurmountable task of organizing everything before I departed in March while I was already overseas.

I forgot to breathe for a moment and then the planning began.

It was long and there was a lot of waiting involved, whether it was for the apartment people to confirm our place for the two months we were in Florence or for our loan forms to get back to us. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t undoable.

However, as much as getting tips from some other students who had done the Prato program. I decided to do a guide of my experience to help you if you are on your way to the Tuscan Hill and need some reassurance of what the hell you are suppose to be doing. Click through the Prato tags to find out things from scholarships, budgetting, what to eat, what to do.

I hope you will find this useful as you prepare to whisk yourself away to a place that isn’t Clayton.

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