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Before you go: An Administrative Timeline

The administrative and planning part before any exchange is really the worst. Below is a rough timeline of what my planning looked like and what you can expect to be waiting on in your month before your Prato Exchange.

Dates Event
Dec 9 Got confirmation of place in Prato Program
Jan 9 Chose my subjects for Prato
Jan 16 Got confirmation of unit selections
Jan 22 Started search for accommodation in Florence
Jan 30 Submitted Applications for Insurance and Scholarships
Jan 30 Confirmed Accomodation in Florence
Feb 4 Booked Flight Tickets
Feb 27 Scholarship and Insurance Applications Approved
Feb 28 Started planning Europe Travel for the month April
March 25 OS-Help-Loan Approved

Need other tips on planning?
Budgeting 101
Where to Stay in Florence


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