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Where to Eat: Cheap Eats in Florence

Some part of me thinks Italy is made for budget eating, just so you can continue your feasting day all day every day. Pizza may be dinner time meal for you and me but for the Italians, it’s a mid morning snack. As a budget conscious exchange student who was unwilling to cook on most days and because snacking on cereal is out of the question due to its exorbitant price, below is a list of go-to places for my lunch time (and sometimes night time) needs for under 5 euros.


Antico Sosta Degli Aldobrandini
Piazza Madonna 5/6r

3euro-5 euro

This is by far my favourite place for paninis and salads. On top of offering a discount rate to all students on their food, they just make a mean panini and salad. You pick your own ingredients from an extensive list of fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses and sauces, they toss it together for you as a panini or a salad. After chowing down on pasta all week, you have no idea you would have missed fresh lettuce and pears until you settle down here and have it served to you in a stupidly huge bowl.

Focaccine Bondi
Via dell’Ariento, 85

3 euro and up

A little bit of home with none of the bikinis and all of the flavours. Bondi serves up fresh focaccia bread stuffed with any ingredients you wished. My go to order was fresh mushroom and cheese because thinking about that makes my stomach growl. If you need a quick pit stop while doing last minute shopping at San Lorenzo market, this will do just nicely thank you very much.


All’Antico Vinaio
Via De’ Neri 65/R, 50122 Florence, Italy
5 euros and up

“Do you want basil? Ofcourse you do” says the man behind the counter, counjuring up custom made paninis like a magician. My panini was I’m pretty sure turkey and the charming staff did the rest and it was devine.  All’Antico Vinaio is the motherlode of panini’s in Florence, living it up to its reputation as the best sandwich joint in town. Get ready to queue up for your taste of the paninis here (not too long!) and boy is it worth the wait. They are a challenge to eat so you do well to pick a nice sunny spot, grab a drink and munch your way through your panini the whole afternoon.


Gusta Pizza
Via Maggio 46r

5 euros and up

No cheap eats list of Florence will be complete without a mention of Gusta Pizza. An establishment that makes the list of almost all travel sites, Gusta Pizza remains a favourite because the freshly made pizza is just a cheese,tomato and crust medley that reminds you that yes, ofcourse, you are in Italy! Order the margherita pizza and settle down at San Spirito to watch the Florentine life go by.

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