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Where to Eat: Best Restaurants in Florence

For a complete gastronomical experience of what Florence has to offer, look no further. As a student, we didn’t eat out most night because money but when we did, you be damned sure we made it worthwhile. Below is a list of restaurants that cover rabbit ragu, Tuscan bean soup and a good ole lagsana just like how your nonna would make it (if you were italian and had a nonna). Waistline say whatttt?

Caffé  Coquinarius
Via dell’Oche, 11/R, 50144 Florence, Italy

13 euros and up

Pear and Cheese Ravioli. I repeat, Pear and Cheese Ravioli. I don’t know who came up with this combination of flavours but it is divine. Caffe Coquinarius was one of our last meals in Florence and we regret not getting there soon. Every item on the menu changes with the season. Everyone ordered something different and each plate rendered us wordless with how good it is.

It’s so near the Duomo but a little bit tucked away in the maze of lanes Florence is wont to have. If you have already been to the little independent bookstore nearby, slurped on a Grom granita then Caffe Coquinarius will just round off Via dell’Oche as one of your favourite streets in Florence too.

Trattoria ZaZa
Piazza Mercato Centrale 26R, Florence, Italy
10 euros and up

You will stumble upon Zaza as many tourist have before you, getting lost in the San Lorenzo Market and you will thank the lord for it. Zaza covers everything you need to know about the Tuscan cuisine. I recommend a tasting plate of all the Tuscan soups for just 9 euros (to share because it is so filling) and just sampling your way through the entire menu of 10 million items. To that end, I suggest closing your eyes and just picking which ever item your finger land on.

Osteria Pepo
via Rosina 6 r, 50125 Florence, Italy
10 euros and up

Pepo was recommended to us by our landlord who claims it as one of his favourite restaurants in Florence. I will be the first to admit that my friends and I never did venture beyond their lasagne the 3 repeat visits we made there because when it gets as good as Pepo does it, we see no reason to eat anything else.


Via S.Gallo 22, Florence, Italy

Appertivo is something Italians revel in before they get their night started. The concept is basically buy a drink and treat yourself to a whole buffet of small eats. There are many Appertivo places in Florence but the best I’ve been to is Kitsch because it’s not just small eats, it’s a feast. From cold cuts to spaghetti to roast beef, there is literally a room full of food and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t actually amazing food. 10 euros and all you can? I vote we bring this concept back to Melbourne.

Hungry for desserts?
Best Gelato under the Tuscan Sun


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