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Things to do in Florence: Nightlife

Nightlife in Florence is well, varied. Most of it was centred in Santa Croce although we have heard rumours that it’s really happening out there in San Spirito as well.

That’s all I can say. Also, too many drunk Americans. And one time drunk Australians who we thought were Americans but turned out to be from Footscray. Just groovy.

The Bars

Via Benci 43R, Florence, Italy

Our favourite night spot in town in terms of return visit. Think of it as the quintessential How I Met Your Mother, replete with squishy booths and a soundless TV in the background. A great place to start the night with pretty great shots and cocktails. It’s really busy on Thursday-Saturdays and closes shop at 2am. It is also really close to Red Garter and Twice but somehow manages to keep out the drunkest patrons. It doesn’t really burn a whole in the pocket either with shots averaging 3 euros and cocktails at 7 euros. You know what, I would even go as far as to say it’s a pretty damned classy joint.

I’Margaritaio Drink&Food
Via Dell’Anguillara 70r | piazza San Firenze, 50122 Florence, Italy

It’s a Margarita Bar and they do not mess around with Margaritas. They are huge, heavy on the alcohol and so easy to finish. It’s a cozy underground bar you can stay in till late. Order some nachos while you are at it to soak up the booze. I highly recommend the lychee and strawberry margaritas because yum

Via dei Servi, 76, 50122 Firenze, Italy

Bebop Tuesday nights are Beatles Night with an amazing cover band who actually looks and sounds like them. Your Prato exchange will not be complete without at least one memorable night at Bebop bar. Anything can happen between the time Fake!Beatles plays Yellow Submarine and the last resounding round of Hey Jude. The bar makes really decent drinks as well, doing the best Sex on the Beach I’ve had so far. Also if you flirt with the bar tender you get free shots (friend’s anecdotal advice).  Don’t go any other night than Tuesday though, it’s pretty depressing unless you are into metal 90s/80s music.


Via dei Via Giuseppe Verdi, 57/r, in Santa Croce neighbourhood

I will use the following keywords: Trendy, Upscale,Hens Party.
They lure you in at 12pm with some decent 90s throwback like Say my Name and then start blaring out weird global electronic music at some point. Feel like this is the place to get Ice. Feel like if I was reluctant to be married I would go here to remind myself that it could get a lot worse than matrimonial entrapment.

Red Garter
Via de’ Benci, 33/r, 50122 Firenze, Italy

Ohh where do I begin with Red Garter. In the tradition of clubs catering exclusively to youths, the floors are sticky, there is barely any elbow room to move. Music alternates on being good on Saturday nights to being strange on other nights. Then there are the distinctively elements of Red Garter that we will  carry with us forever: The clear glass section between the men’s and women’s toilet to so that everyone can see everyone’s business, the Karaoke Room, so many strange strange men. Red Garter is fun with friends, alcohol and a disregard for dignity.

Club 21
Via dei Cimatori, 13 in the historic center

21 must be the age limit at this place because I can assure you that nobody was over 21 here. The party don’t start till some Frat Boy enters and starts fist pumping , yelling ‘let’s get down’ in a sultry baritone while simultaneously grinding up on their friend (all true stories). It seemed that most youths here were excited to have alcohol because in their fair country their legal drinking age is 21 instead of 18. Apparently the music goes till after 2am. I don’t know. The dance floor is pretty big and the room is bathed in blue.


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